29 July 2010

First Page Done!!

I did it!
I finished the first page of my new comic. Things are looking pretty good.
I'm going to wait to publish it on my comic site until tomorrow, but I am so excited, I'll post it here now!

But from now on, I'll only post them on DrunkDuck. Don't worry though, I'll spread the word when there is an update.

27 June 2010

Sweetheart Roland

You are not going to believe this. Not only am I updating my blog, but my update is about a new comic I am about to begin.

I am finally done with school and I can get back to doing my own artwork. I love drawing comics and I haven't drawn my own comic for over three years. It makes me sad just thinking about it.

But I am not sad anymore, I am very excited. You are seeing it here first! I am starting up again on my web-comic, Faerytale Grimm with a new story!!!! Sweetheart Roland.

It's a story of escape, true love and gruesome, gruesome violence like only Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales can tell.

Here are some Character Designs I've been working on:

The Witch

The Ugly and Wicked Stepsister


These were pretty quick drawings, I really just wanted to get ideas out for how I wanted them to look. So now that I have their basic look, my next step is to write up the script and move on to the storyboards. Before you know it, I'll be drawing comics once again!!!

More about Faerytale Grimm

I started this web-comic on July 25, 2006. It is a collection of short stories from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. For the most part they are taken straight out of the book, though for the readers sake I may add a little something to help pace it or have it make some sense.

So far I have 4 complete stories, (one being really long) and then I began The Crab Prince. That's when things died off. I liked that story so much I wanted to do it really well, and add more of my own telling to it but I got overwhelmed with it and put it on hold.

Then I started a job where I was drawing comics for someone else, and it was hard to find the time to do my own stuff. For three years that's how it was like. But now I am done with school and quit that job for a full-time job. Now the spark to do my own work had begun again.

I will start off with the short story Sweetheart Roland, and someday I would really like to pick The Crab Prince again.

Go and read it here.

04 February 2010

So Cute! Cards and Bags!

So It's been awhile since my last post. But I'm back with some new stuff.
This is my last semester at Pima, so I'm really going to push myself to produce some great work. My first assignment for my Product Design class, is a line of greeting cards.

What better line of cards to make than Valentine's Day, and even better when they are sickeningly cute.

"You blow me away,

"You are the greatest gift of all,

"You are my sunshine,

These are the icons that appear on the back on the card, along with my logo.

In my Package Design Class, we had to design a shopping bag. Going with my adorable streak, I went with a Cupcake Bag!!!

This is just an illustration of the bag. I did print it, along with the cards. When I get the prints back I'll post pictures of them. You really can't appreciate these pieces unless you see them as they are printed. The cards even have envelopes that I made for them. They look totally legit.

If anyone is interested in giving one of these cards to your sweetheart, let me know.