26 December 2008

I'm back, and getting ready for 2009

Okay, so my New Years resolution is to update this blog. So, I thought, why not get a head start on it. I'll update a little at a time so as to not overwhelm you or myself.
I will now give you a little bit of what I did during my Character Development class.

First I'll show you my strange human character that I have named Emmit, and made him a tourist.
Notice the bony neck and nubby fingers, and giant feet. Upsetting, isn't it?

Now here is an inanimate object I've made into a character, this is Chuck, the Razor. Notice how the hair in the blades mimics that of a cool guy, or farmer chewing on a piece of hay.

Next we have my last Character project. This is a illustration that I put on the cover of a folder. the folder turned out really well, I really enjoy the colors I chose. Also I think it's just really cute.

That's all I will do for now, but trust me there is much more to come, and I hope you've enjoyed this and will come to enjoy more.