29 February 2008

So it's Friday, and I'm here for another post. I am on vacation at the moment so I don't have all my new files but here are some pieces I did last semester that I submitted to an art book my college is putting together.

If the creature comes out in weird colors that's not my fault, I don't know why it's happening, but it adds to the freakyness of it, so it's ok....I guess?
And that's all for now, maybe I'll update with more recent stuff later this week.
J Cola

22 February 2008

Moons and color breaks

I've got a couple of things for you today, mostly it's just school work, but it's still cool.
I've been very busy lately (what else is new) So I'm just going to get right into it.

First of all I finished my latest Ad Design piece, it's a cover for the "Tucson Weekly" magazine about the lunar eclipse that happened this past Wednesday.
(Sorry for small quality, it just makes things easier to upload)

My Teacher really liked it, which is saying something. It definitely turned out better than I expected, which is the best, because I always feel that I've gotten better and learned something when I pass my expectations.
The strongest point in this piece is what most people really, severely, painfully lack in: Typography.

Take a closer look at my headline:
It's readable, bold, it has nice colors, simple yet interesting effects, and it represents a feeling of what it says, it's just all around awesome.
I only say this about this piece because it does not happen often for me to make one so clean and spot on. The funny part is that it was partially an accident.

I went in knowing that it needed to be bold, and semi futuristic, but also give off a mystical feel.
I tried doing a fancy delicate "lunar" and a bold "Eclipse" which was too busy. I came across the dark red shadow from REFERENCE! I searched places on the internet that had a special type for a "Lunar Eclipse," NASA's website had a neat blue feathered glow behind the word "Eclipse" so that's where I got that idea.
The gradient that pretty much makes this type, was an accident. I tried gradient from 'blue to red' because that's what the moon does, I did that to both "Lunar" and "Eclipse" When I switched "Eclipse" to an 'orange to red' gradient it matched up with "Lunar's" 'blue to orange,' and it blended nicely, so I kept it.

So yeah, this piece turned out pretty well, special thanks to my friend Sean down at The Junkyard, for helping me make an awesome star-filled sky.

By the way, I went out to see the lunar eclipse that night, it was a real drag, here's a picture of it in it's full glory.It was cloudy =(

Yeah....Damn you clouds, the only force that could stop me from enjoying a night time spectacle.

Now I said I had a couple of things to show you and it's true, here's the next batch of J Cola awesome goodness.

I have a book I'm working on, it's a fairy tale that I wrote. I'm not going to give too much away but I will share for you all my color breaks, that I find very helpful and VERY IMPORTANT with character development.

These are the three sisters.

I ended up with this set up, and I could go on and on about how those colors are the best choice, (though I am still working on the flesh color) but I don't feel like it.

Here is the middle sister, a little more defined, took my hours to do it, but it was worth it.

Well, that's all for now.
It takes me more than an hour to post this because of all the pictures I have to resize and upload, so I'll only be updating about once a week, probably on Fridays.
Thanks for reading.
~J Cola

07 February 2008

The Birth Of J Cola

It's a new year, which means that It's time to step up from last year and be an all around better person. I'm not just going to sit around letting school just pass me by and blow off the easy A's and half-assing the challenging stuff. I'm going to put my all into this year and I'm off to a good start, though it could be a lot better.
This blog will focus on my artwork, most of which will come from school. It will be a place that I can just dump all my ideas out and look at them, and have other people look at them as well. (Critiques are appreciated). It will also serve as a library of all my final pieces, and a journal of updates.

I'll start off by posting my development of my logo. AKA my first assignment in Advertising Design class.This is my "I want it to look like a soda label design"
My "I want this to be really awesome so lets put a gradient" design

And of course my "I spent the least amount of time on this, but it's the best one" design.