28 February 2009

"You know I love you...Coraline."

Ok, so over at Nico's blog was some of his fan art for Coraline. It was a great movie, with awesome scenes and characters. However, I have read the book, and what made the book inevitably better was the imagery. Especially of the Other Mother. I decided to let you all know what the Other Mother looked like in my head. Perhaps then, you will all see why I had to finish the book the night I started reading it. I was too creeped out, to just go to sleep.

First some sketches of her face.

I had a hard time deciding what expression she should have on her face.
Here is what I decided to choose between:

I chose the last one, because it creeped me out the most, with the pose that she has.

Here is the finished line work:

And now, the finished colored image!!
I used lots of different texture brushes and a floral pattern to give her that motherly look.

"You know I love you, Coraline."

Well, until next time blog buddies. Have a good week, I'll be back with some more school work, YAY!

08 February 2009

In with the new...and the old.

Here I am updating again. I've been pretty busy with a lot of work, both for school and my job. Most of which I can't show right now, because I want to wait until they are finished. However, while I am working on these new projects, I thought you all might enjoy some of my work that is complete.

I figure, I can show all the projects that never got posted, even though they are years old. It is new to all of you that haven't seen them anyway.

Okay, so here it goes, I'll start with the most recent and go back in time.

Here is my latest finished piece for my Illustration class. It is two opposite emotions. I choose Laughter and Crying, you know, like Comedy and Tragedy of the theater. As you can see, I have been working in a boxy vector style. This year is all about getting better at vector. This piece is really not like me because my style is very fluid and organic, and more often than not I work traditionally. Well, I did not draw this piece at all.

I'll explain what I mean. I did draw the sketches, to get the ideas together. I hate scanning so I won't post my sketches. I used Illustrator and the pen tool, that was pretty much it. I only connected lines together, no drawing.

This piece was done in...I wanna say 2007...and I don't think the star model has even seen it. So this is for you Molly.

It is an ad for the best thing EVER!!! It is so good and tasty, they don't even have to pay me to get people to try it. GO TRY IT ALREADY!!!!

Anyway, thanks to Molly and Brailey (who was the photographer) for letting me make this ad completely from scratch. Most people took their photos from the internet for this assignment. The photo, the lighting, even the picture of the container was all done with my planning, and it is still one of my favorite pieces. Even though I shouldn't have centered the type.

This piece was done I think in 2006, for my Graphic Design class. We had to take a local company and redesign their logo. I went for the challenge of bringing medieval and limos together.

I thought it was quite successful and it is one of my favorite logo's I have designed. I had a lot of fun with it too. Maybe I should sell it to them, do you think they would use it?

This one is from Graphic Design as well. We had to make a poster for a location to go to. We were in groups and ours picked Wonderland. This is just the illustration, and it was my first photoshop painting without line art.

Some details you should pay attention to are the roses painted red, and the hedgehog ball in her hand. I think those turned out really cool but they are pretty small details. Oh well, that is what you get for zooming in so much and spending so much time on a tiny thing and not realizing it is going to be so tiny.

So that's it for now. I will see you next time with some new stuff, if not, some old stuff that is new to you.