28 February 2009

"You know I love you...Coraline."

Ok, so over at Nico's blog was some of his fan art for Coraline. It was a great movie, with awesome scenes and characters. However, I have read the book, and what made the book inevitably better was the imagery. Especially of the Other Mother. I decided to let you all know what the Other Mother looked like in my head. Perhaps then, you will all see why I had to finish the book the night I started reading it. I was too creeped out, to just go to sleep.

First some sketches of her face.

I had a hard time deciding what expression she should have on her face.
Here is what I decided to choose between:

I chose the last one, because it creeped me out the most, with the pose that she has.

Here is the finished line work:

And now, the finished colored image!!
I used lots of different texture brushes and a floral pattern to give her that motherly look.

"You know I love you, Coraline."

Well, until next time blog buddies. Have a good week, I'll be back with some more school work, YAY!


Head Cooker said...

The picture turned out great! A little creepy yes. I feel like I have a little something on my face and she is coming over to wipe it off in that way that only mothers can, but instead she tears part of my heart out with those claws. Thanks for the nightmares and lets see some more Coraline characters from your minds eye!

Ben said...

This is awesome! You totally picked the best face.

I love the final colors too with the patterns/flowers! It really gives it a nice finishing touch!

I'm seeing the movie tomorrow!

Nico said...

Oh wowwwwwww, this is so cool! You and the movie have inspired me to get the book soon! I LOVE this piece Jenny!! I'd love to see your Coraline take, if you feel like it!!

Jessica said...

This is so good! The finished product is amazing. Bravo!

Nico said...

UPDATE: I bought the book. Flipped through it and I LOVE the illustrations. Gonna read it soon!

Alexiev said...

Good... I love the monsterwoman...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

Alexiev Store

Art Fan Ako said...

She is creepy! Thanks for sharing your image of Coraline's other mother.