29 May 2009

A Robot in Space

This video was my last assignment in my Painter class. I had no idea where it was going until I took it there. This was all drawn in Painter with my Wacom Tablet. It is only about a minute but it took ab0ut 4 weeks to do.


So, there it is.

This has been a short post for today. I'll see you next time.


Nico said...

The paint textures, outer space, planet and stars all coming together in the first shot was great! And HAHAHA, the robot exploding was hilarious. Great work Jenny! Ahhh, that good ol' "baby elephant walk" music...

Workshop Cooker said...

That was great! The legs really seemed to pull that little guy along.

Licho said...

I always forget just how impressive you are. And then when I'm reminded, I can feel my insides writhe with envy.

Good job!

J Cola said...

Libby, that's not envy, it's a parasite eating away at your innards!!!