10 September 2009

Fun playing games!

So, I don't really show any work that I've doing from my Illustration job, and since I've been busy with school starting up, I thought I would show you all a sample of some games that I did.

These games were for a Charter High School, and it was a lot of fun because I got to design a lot of the stuff based on what their school looked like, so it's really unique to this school.

Go here to play the games, (they're pretty easy) : School Games!

A while ago I also did a game for Pima Public Library. These games are isometric and pixel based. This was the first time I really worked with that kind of artwork, it's very technical. I feel I could have done better but I'll show it to you anyway.

Keep in mind, this game is for little kids: Library Games!


Nico said...

These games are hilarious. So cool to see artwork in a game where I can say "Whoa, that's Jenny's!"

Licho said...

It's times like these I wish I had a mouse =( it would make playing so much easier.

Also, I hate the lunchlady. She's kind of a jerk. Well designed, but a jerk.

Workshop Cooker said...

The games are the sickness. Well done with the character design and everything. Those stinky apples were so scary!