12 November 2009

Muscley Men and Cute Disney

I have some new stuff to show you today.

First though, I would like to take this opportunity to let you in on some news.

The play "See How They Run" will being playing at the West Campus until Sunday. As you know, I did the poster design for that, so I gotta spread the love.

The West Campus will also have a Student Show that will be opening next Wednesday and it will be open for two months. I have a couple pieces in it, all of which have been posted on the blog. Though, these pieces are HUGE PRINTS; Probably about 50 times larger if not more, than the images you have seen on the screen.
So if you can, please go check it out, there are some great pieces going in the show. And I have to say that the people producing the show, and printing the pieces, and getting them hung have been working really hard for all us students. They are the real heroes here.

Molly and Carl got married, as if you didn't know. Congrats to them for being awesome and having an awesome wedding.

Also, all my dreams have come true and I now have a felt squid, thanks to Jess Bates. You should go see it, she has pictures.

Now, let's get on with the artwork. YAY!

Nico had a little rant about movie posters, which was so totally true and sad.
I had to do a movie poster for my Illustrator class, definitely made me feel like movie posters should be illustrated, not boring photos of the big celebrities that play in them.

Inglourious Basterds, one of the best movies I've seen this year. It had on-the-edge-of-your seat intensity and it was full of the lulz. Though, slightly historically inaccurate.

Yeah, it was totally not my usually style, I usually don't draw anything that includes muscles, baseball bats, blood, and swastikas. So this piece was pretty fun because I got to practice outside my comfort zone. I could have pushed it further though and made it darker and grittier.

But, you know, I love my cute and adorable illustrations, so after many sketches of big muscley men, and manly gruff stuff, I went back to practicing some Disney-looking styles.

This is me, Disnified.

One of my first attempts to emulate more of a Disney style, because people keep saying my work looks like anime. It probably does, because I've been doing that style since I was 13, that was how I learned. But I want to break out of that and make my work to go beyond the typical, "Eh, I like anime, look at me, I can draw anime, OOO! Look the huge eyes and back-breaking huge breasts. See how I draw anime. I'm going to be a Manga-ka in Japan some day. huk-huk."

Anyway, I just want to keep working on learning different styles and practice different techniques because they all are so fun and different. So I think you will be seeing some more manly muscle men, and cute disney illustrations from me.

I have to get back my reading my Harry Potter, I have to know what that crazy moody teenage wizard is up to next.


P.S. Marc is awesome and great.


Kali Fontecchio said...

Disney you is cute! It was great meeting you! Definitely need to hang out longer next time. I feel bad I didn't get to draw you!

Nico said...

Love the poster and Disney Jenny!! So awesome. Kali, you should draw Jenny anyway!

Jenny, hope you can come visit soon!! <3

Workshop Cooker said...

These turned out wonderful. You can really see the muscles on that dude. How about maybe a disney prince Marc or Nico or other male figure in your life that i know? The secret word was almost Ponyo fyi

Jessica said...

These are fantastic! I love the muscle men (in so many ways). How cute is Disney Jenny? Answer: Very. I am glad you like your squid!!

Trashy said...

Like that movie poster...hahaha...I knew you had a darker side but just didn't show:)

Yeah it is very sad what has happened to movie posters in Hollywood. If you can dig up the old movie poster done back in the day when they actually did paint them. There really were some great ones out there.

You know I still haven't seen that movie. I heard some say it was better then Pulp Fiction.