07 February 2008

The Birth Of J Cola

It's a new year, which means that It's time to step up from last year and be an all around better person. I'm not just going to sit around letting school just pass me by and blow off the easy A's and half-assing the challenging stuff. I'm going to put my all into this year and I'm off to a good start, though it could be a lot better.
This blog will focus on my artwork, most of which will come from school. It will be a place that I can just dump all my ideas out and look at them, and have other people look at them as well. (Critiques are appreciated). It will also serve as a library of all my final pieces, and a journal of updates.

I'll start off by posting my development of my logo. AKA my first assignment in Advertising Design class.This is my "I want it to look like a soda label design"
My "I want this to be really awesome so lets put a gradient" design

And of course my "I spent the least amount of time on this, but it's the best one" design.


Nico said...

Happy first blog entry! <3

i like them all, but yes, the last one, and quickest one, i like most. heh

ksifoking said...

Last one is good.

Marc said...

Is there a diet J Cola?