29 February 2008

So it's Friday, and I'm here for another post. I am on vacation at the moment so I don't have all my new files but here are some pieces I did last semester that I submitted to an art book my college is putting together.

If the creature comes out in weird colors that's not my fault, I don't know why it's happening, but it adds to the freakyness of it, so it's ok....I guess?
And that's all for now, maybe I'll update with more recent stuff later this week.
J Cola


Nico said...

bunny bunny bunny!!

.....creature... :O

Trashy said...

Hey Jenna,

Hope things are well with your spring break. I'm really rooting for you with these pieces.

By the way...check this out- http://pimasketchgroup.blogspot.com/

It's a start and it's gonna happen! Still gotta make it cool looking.

oh also...you...must...update *evil laugh*

Love that bunny!

Nico said...

jenny! update moar. MOAR, I SAY

i have funny disney drawings on my page, if yer interested.. :)