10 January 2009

Seven Deadly Sins...Wedding!

So one assignment of mine was to draw characters for the seven deadly sins. I wanted to make them women because I was the only girl in my class, so I figured that no one else would have a female character. Well, I began to think what type of woman commits the sin of Pride...of course, a bride would. The wedding is all about her...who is the center of attention at a wedding anyway, the bride. From there I just went with it.

Therefore, I present to you the Seven Deadly Sins...Wedding!! Enjoy!

This last one I colored as you can see. This is the Best Man, Sloth!!!

See you next time!


Nico said...

love these!!!!! I know I've said this a million times but while I love your art as a whole, the way you draw hands has gotta be my fave out of any artist i know.

see you in a few hours for some major taverna steak-age!!

J Cola said...

I appreciate that because hands are a big pain, and at least my hours upon hours of studying hands has not been in vain.

Molly said...

These are so cool! You're fantastic at getting the poses to look natural.

Jessica said...

These are great! The Mother in Law one hits a little close to home :)

Nico said...

i think all of jenny's comments from now on should be in rhyme